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With decades of nonprofit fundraising and communications expertise, we champion your vision so you can focus on what you do best—changing the world.

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like you, we’ve been in the trenches.

We’ve experienced the challenges of serving constituents with a limited budget and the pressures of wearing many hats in a mission-driven organization. And crucially, we understand the extraordinary potential of staying the course, when the course is navigated with expertise.

We’re more than just nonprofit fundraising consultants—we are your allies. With decades of experience hitting lofty targets and executing compelling campaigns, we have the know-how and the toolkit to bridge the gap between your organization’s aspirations and its current reality.

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    PGS Leadership

    Al Frisone isn’t just a fundraiser; he’s an architect of high-performance advancement programs. His proven track record speaks volumes: he’s the mastermind behind comprehensive initiatives that serve as the cornerstone of maximizing fundraising success for mission-driven organizations. From crafting strategic plans to cultivating principal gifts, Al’s meticulous approach unlocks transformative potential, consistently exceeding goals and shattering records.

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    In the world of nonprofit communications, Kirsten Hammann is a force of nature. Her career isn’t just about creating compelling narratives; it’s about igniting transformation through strategic innovation and boundless enthusiasm. Kirsten’s versatility sets her apart. From leading award-winning campaigns at elite institutions to launching her own successful firm, she thrives on tackling new challenges and exceeding expectations.

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    how we work

    Think of us as navigators in your organization’s journey. We deeply immerse ourselves in understanding your mission, your team, and your vision. It’s this exploration that facilitates our bespoke strategic offerings.

    Your success? That’s our destination. The path? Well, consider us your expert navigators, guiding you through challenging terrains and ensuring that every step we take moves you closer to where you aspire to be. We’re here not only to chart a course but to traverse each step alongside you—that’s our commitment to you and your mission.


    Strategic Planning

    Executive Thought Partner

    Program Assessment and Benchmarking

    Staff and Volunteer Training

    Board Development

    Workshop and Retreat Facilitation

    Interim Staffing


    Feasibility/Planning Studies

    Capital Campaign Design, Implementation, and Management

    Major and Principal Gifts Programs and Strategy Development

    Corporate Giving and Partnerships

    Foundation/Grant Research and Writing

    Donor Pipeline Assessment and Prioritization


    Integrated Fundraising and Communications Plans

    Campaign Case for Support Development

    Asset and Content Development

    Social Media Strategy

    Media Strategy and Training

    Executive Communications

    Crisis Communications

    unleashing your potential by maximizing your resources.

    Organizations we are honored to have served

    mission-based experts


    higher education institutions & private schools


    healthcare & social-impact organizations


    religious communities & affiliated organizations

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    Volunteer serving food to a child at a community event.

    our vision

    enabling change.

    We empower mission-based organizations and educational institutions to transform potential into reality, supercharging growth and impact.

    Our mission is crafting strategies that are catalysts for significant progress, ensuring that your vision isn’t just a dream but tomorrow’s headline.

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