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Kirsten K. Hammann

In the world of nonprofit communications, Kirsten Hammann is a force of nature. Her career isn’t just about creating compelling narratives; it’s about igniting transformation through strategic innovation and boundless enthusiasm.

Kirsten’s versatility sets her apart. From leading award-winning campaigns at elite institutions to launching her own successful firm, she thrives on tackling new challenges and exceeding expectations.

As a collaborative change agent at Samuel Merritt University, Kirsten spearheaded a comprehensive public relations program and overhauled the creative workflow, advancing data sophistication and propelling the institution’s marketing communications into the digital age.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in initiatives like a methodology she dubbed Branding Lite to offer cash-strapped nonprofits a middle ground between brand paralysis and costly comprehensive rebranding, saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and future-proofing their brands. Her visionary leadership extends to embracing emerging technologies like AI to supercharge advancement strategies.

From crafting omnichannel campaigns to managing holistic digital strategies, Kirsten excels at connecting with audiences on their terms. As a gifted communicator, she bridges the gap between strategy and execution, bringing her plans to life with exceptional results. She fosters high-performing teams by harnessing the psychology of teamwork and change management principles, creating an environment where individual talents shine.

Kirsten’s passion goes beyond awards (including a CASE Award, MarCom awards, and Hermes Creative recognitions). Her true measure of success is creating social impact, reflected in her service on the board of Cultivate Care Farm in Massachusetts and as a rape crisis counselor for Bay Area Women Against Rape in Oakland. As a world traveler and lifelong learner, she brings a global perspective and infectious enthusiasm to everything she does.

Kirsten lives outside Boston with her husband, Spencer, two daughters, and two rescue mutts, Desmond and Douglas. She spends her free time hiking, podcasting, and reading.

Kirsten K. Hammann
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