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The PGS Way

success today. and tomorrow.

Nonprofit Advancement Consulting for Success Today & Tomorrow

The PGS Way recognizes that long-term success and short-term results are not mutually exclusive for forward-thinking nonprofits. Our advancement experts blend strategic vision and long-range planning with an immediate emphasis on Principal Gift execution and outcomes. This holistic approach to fundraising addresses our client organizations’ needs at every level, providing a tailored path to maximize fundraising success.

What Is the PGS Way?

The PGS Way is a unique, transformative framework designed to empower nonprofits to achieve their goals and maximize their impact. We understand that success requires both a long-term vision and the ability to address immediate challenges. That’s why our model focuses on two parallel workstreams:

Impact Engine: Principal Gift Focus

Bridge the gap between current state and future vision with immediate actions to yield short-term gains.

Strategic Momentum: Program Development & Sustainability

Develop a robust advancement program plan to maximize productivity and sustained success.

How the PGS Way Works

Both of our workstreams are built upon a foundation of five core tracks. Each track is vital to the health and future of a powerful advancement program:

  • Fundraising: The essential tactics and techniques to secure financial support.
  • Communications: Messaging that resonates with stakeholders to build support.
  • Strategy: A roadmap for achieving specific and well-defined goals.
  • Data and Technology: Insights and tools for making informed decisions.
  • People: Leadership, teamwork, and expertise to drive fundraising efforts.

Impact Engine: The Five Tracks

  • Principal Gift Strategy Execution: Secure transformative donations to accelerate your mission.
  • Campaign Strategy and Case for Support: Launch a compelling, goal-oriented capital campaign.
  • Principal Gift Prospect Prioritization and Strategy: Identify and cultivate relationships with major donors.
  • Principal Gift Prospecting and Feasibility: Discover new sources of substantial support.
  • CEO Partnership and Coaching: Empower your CEO – or yourself – as a passionate, collaborative fundraising leader.

Strategic Momentum: The Five Tracks

  • Advancement Program Assessment: Gain deep insights into your operation’s strengths and opportunities.
  • Communications and Readiness Audit: Ensure your organization’s messaging and brand are optimized for fundraising success.
  • Advancement Strategic Plan: A detailed roadmap for your program’s growth and impact.
  • Long-term Data and Technology Plan: Implement sustainable systems to elevate your fundraising operations.
  • Executive and Chief Development Officer Coaching: Provide guidance and support to key leaders, fostering fundraising excellence.


The challenges facing nonprofits today demand both thoughtful strategy and swift action. The PGS Way delivers on both fronts, empowering your organization to achieve immediate gains while building the foundation for long-term fundraising success. 

Are You Ready to Transform Your Advancement Program?

Schedule a time to speak with us and discover how the PGS Way can propel your mission forward.

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